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AWIP Meetings: First Tuesday of EVERY month
Location: Peacham Library
Time: 1:30 – 3:00pm
Refreshments are provided

AGING WELL IN PEACHAM (AWIP) is an informal group of Peacham volunteers helping our present and future senior residents enjoy healthy, safe, comfortable, and fulfilling lives.

AWIP is a program of:

AWIP Services

Established in 2015, AWIP provides services to help seniors live comfortably in their own homes as long as practical. Services include:

  • Monthly programs on the first Tuesday offer casual get-togethers to help seniors in meeting health and home management challenges
  • Weekly exercise programs
  • Access to skilled medical assistance and important information for maintaining a healthy life style
  • Volunteer assistance for transportation to appointments, entertainment and shopping
  • Coordination among regional organizations meets individual and family needs

AWIP Service Providers

AWIP taps into a wealth of community services available in the Northeast Kingdom. Rural Edge, based in St. Johnsbury is the home for SASH, Support and Services for Home. Using Medicaid funding SASH works with AWIP to offer programs and services including Healthy Living Planning, an Informed Team to Help in Crisis, Support With Transitions Back Home From a Hospital or Rehab Stay, Community Healthy Living Plan, and Wellness Nurse Supports. Through SASH the services of over a dozen organizations can be mustered to assist Peacham residents.

AWIP puts those in need in contact with those who can help.

Regional Organizations

Among the agencies that are part of the larger system into which Peacham can tap are the following:

Kim Russell and Casey Doerner work for Rural Edge and are principal contacts for AWIP and for individuals with unmet needs. They may be reached at: 802-234-0560 or at KimR@ruraledge.org. Call Rural Community Transportation (RCT) for transportation at 802-748-8170.

The Local Group – AWIP

AWIP is a local volunteer organization that meets regularly to assess and meet the needs of people in Peacham. The group plans monthly meetings, identifies useful topics for discussions, and maintains a roster of clients and volunteers. For information or assistance, please call 802-592-3051.

Current AWIP coordinators are:

  • Charlie Browne
  • Dina Danielson
  • Barry Lawson
  • Beatrice Ring
  • Ellen Robertson
  • Joanne Schuyler

AWIP Volunteers

The key to providing service to our neighbors lies in the network of volunteers who devote time and energy to help those in need. AWIP strives to identify willing volunteers and match them up with individuals, thus finding ways for them to offer valuable time, transportation and moral support. If you are interested in serving as a volunteer in any capacity, please contact a local AWIP committee member and/or attend the monthly meetings.