Face Masks: Sewing, Donating, Requesting

Join the grassroots movement sewing face masks! Not only is there a shortage of masks for healthcare workers, but it is now recommended we all wear masks if we have to go out in public

To Request Face Masks: Peacham residents can request face masks using the  Peacham Mutual Aid form.

To Donate Face Masks: Please drop off completed masks and gowns, sealed in ZipLoc or sandwich bags, in the green bin on the porch at 475 Bayley-Hazen Rd, or complete the Peacham Mutual Aid form to request pick up. Your donations will be used to meet demand in town, with those suitable for healthcare workers going to NVRH, and any others going toward the broader movement in St. Johnsbury. To help us do inventory without opening bags, please label your bag with your last name and the number of items you’re donating.

To Purchase Face Masks Locally: Dixie Bogie from Barnet is hand making face masks from cotton fabric. $3 each. While her supplies of elastic last, Garland Hill Road, Barnet, 633-2576.

To Sew Face Masks: There are LOTS of designs available. Pretty much any will work for essential workers and the general public. Higher standards must be met for healthcare workers. If you need help sewing these, please use the Peacham Mutual Aid form to request a phone call from a knowledgeable volunteer.

The below design was highly recommended by a trusted local nurse of 40 years, for the following reasons: 

  1. You can download and cut out the entire pattern, taking the guesswork out. Visit this YouTube video  for clear, professional directions and more information from St. Luke’s Foundation. 
  2. The design includes a wonderful pouch that will allow the wearer to optionally place a hepa filter inside. The website suggests using a hepa vacuum cleaner bag.  
  3. 100% washable. Take the filter out to wash and reinsert later.
  4. The pattern mimics a real face and the seal is far superior to the run of the mill masks.
  5. When making for the general public, the pattern uses 2 hair tie elastics which are simpler to sew on and more comfortable to wear. They fit comfortably around the ear.
  6. There is room to add a pipe cleaner at the top, which adds to the contour fit. You can sew this in to keep it in place.
  7. These really fit the contour of your face far better than the others.
  8. They take approximately 20 minutes to make, once you get the hang of it.

No sew face masks: Here are two quick methods of making face masks without the need for sewing. Click on the image below to open a PDF file.

No sew face masks