We will to our best to keep this information up to date, but please be aware that stores and other food producers are adapting to changes circumstances.

Food Insecurity

If you or someone you know is experiencing food insecurity, please visit this link for a comprehensive listing of options available in our region. You can also contact the Peacham Emergency Management Team for help by completing the Peacham Mutual Aid form

Emergency Food Orders: If you are experiencing issues with food insecurity (you are lacking resources to purchase food), cannot obtain food (transportation issues), or need assistance to have food delivered, please contact us for assistance using the Mutual Aid Form.

Accessing Food While Staying Safe

All of us should do our part to stay out of stores as much as possible. That doesn’t mean you can’t get the things you need, however! Below are some options.

Plan Ahead: Make menus and grocery lists and stock up when possible to avoid lots of little trips.

Phone Orders and Curbside Pick Up: At many grocery stores and restaurants, you can place your order in advance and then do a curbside pick up. Here is a comprehensive list of Take-Out Options. White Market offers outside pickup using White Market Express. 

Bulk Fresh Food: Supplement trips to the grocery store (or replace the grocery store all together) by ordering fresh food through local bulk distributors. For more information email covid@peacham.org.

Best Practices: When you do need to visit a grocery store, always wear a mask and maintain social distancing, following any arrows you see indicating which direction each aisle goes. 

Food Supply Chain

Farm Locator Map: A great way to stay out of supermarkets while supporting farmers in the Northeast Kingdom is to buy your food directly from local farms. Here is a local farm locator map with farm contact information.

Peacham Farmer’s Market: See their website for updates or contact them to ask about food orders and pick up.

Gardening Resources: Free Seeds for Resilience Gardening through NOFA and High Mowing Seeds; Expert Gardening Advice through UVM Extension; Community Seed Exchange through Old Stonehouse Museum

If you are in need of non-food supplies, please use the Peacham Mutual Aid form.