Join Us on Sundays this Summer
June – August

On Sundays throughout the summer, beginning June 20, the Peacham community will offer activities and attractions- including the popular Peacham Farmers Market – that will entertain and draw people to our community.

Sundays in Peacham, Vermont

The Olde Meeting House Tours

The Peacham Congregational Church will offer 45-minute tours (two per Sunday) of the church building, The Olde Meeting House. The Olde Meeting House is celebrating its 215th anniversary in 2021 and the tour will define key architectural features and history of the building. The tour is open to the public and free. A docent will lead the guided tour. The complete tour is not handicap accessible but the building is if one wishes to be a part of the tour.

We invite Peacham organizations and businesses to participate

Please fill out the form below or download and print the form and deliver it to the Town Office.

It will be necessary to follow Covid-19 guidelines which will be updated as required. We may set up some theme specific days such as Peacham Businesses Sunday or a game day, or history walk day or town services and opportunities to volunteer day. We are open to spontaneous pop up events. Please feel free to share with any of us your half formed ideas, and let us know if we can help it become more fully formed! You can contact us throughout the season, as we think ideas may start to percolate as the summer progresses.

Click here to contact the “Sundays in Peacham” Committee.

Sundays in Peacham 2021 – Event Form

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More About Sundays In Peacham

A possible scenario is as follows:

  1.  The Farmer’s Market will move from Thursday to Sunday afternoon – it will provide a constant activity that provides people with a chance to purchase food and craft items, enjoy live music and eat excellent food provided by vendors.
  2. PHA continues to have the Sunday open house at the historical house, potentially it could include the blacksmith shop.
  3. Peacham Congregational Church would have the normal morning church services and with potential afternoon activities being discussed.
  4. The Roller Barn could be open for tours as well.
  5. Community Art and story time for children, as well as other activities could be organized.
  6. Ian and Gretchen Boswell are interested in hosting Sunday bike rides that would be set up to coordinate with the timing of other events.
  7. The Peacham Café and The Guild, both open on Sundays would benefit.

The above list is an example for a typical Sunday in Peacham, however other activities and organizations are welcome to schedule and join in on Sundays in Peacham. The ideas are wide open, and could include for the following:

  1. The Fire Department – open house to recruit new members and educate children.
  2. A horseshoe tournament or other games on the green in front of the firehouse.
  3. The Observatory could offer an open house.
  4. The Peacham Carriage Company may offer special attractions
  5. The PTF could host fund-raising activities.
  6. We could feature seminars on local “industries” – Maple sugaring, farming, logging, gardening, etc.
  7. Guided walks around the community on different topics, historic homes, birds, etc

Each organization will be responsible for managing their portion of the Sunday event No single person or entity has to manage the whole thing. A committee of volunteers has formed to deal with things like parking, safety concerns, advertising and promotion.

Imagine the possibilities! Imagine the community engagement! Imagine the fun!

Thank you! Jean Dedam, Ellie Blachy, Patrice McDonough