COVID-19 Cases on the Rise

New travel restrictions in place

Cases of COVID-19 – and hospitalizations – are on the rise nationwide as well as here in Vermont. Over 200 new cases were reported in Vermont over the last week.

“It’s important for everyone to see this data and recognize we are not in the same place today as we’ve been over the last several months, even while we continue to lead the country in many ways,” said Governor Phil Scott. “Though we’re not seeing the alarming growth many of our neighbors are seeing, we have to take action to ensure we don’t get to that point. I want to be very clear that much of our case growth is tied to two factors: Vermonters traveling out of state and Vermonters gathering in ways where distancing and masking break down. We need to act now to protect the vulnerable and to keep our schools and economy open.”

Quarantine is now mandatory following any non-essential out-of-state travel by Vermonters and for all travelers entering Vermont from another state. Essential travel includes daily travel for school or work, personal safety, medical care, care of others, parental shared custody, or for food, beverage or medicine.

Commissioner of Health Mark Levine, MD said, “I cannot say this enough: To stop the spread, to protect each other, we need to act now. We are on the threshold the decisions we make today will truly determine our future.”

Additional measures to curb the rise in COVID cases include increased compliance checks and expanded testing as well as new limits on social gatherings: 10 or few people from trusted households.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!