COVID-19 Continues to Surge

Record numbers this week

The Vermont Department of Health recorded a record 178 cases of COVID-19 on Thursday. The surge in cases is not limited to specific areas of the state, but is widespread. Health Commissioner, Dr Mark Levine, says this is significant, but not unexpected.

“What I do want is for all Vermonters to be reflecting and thoughtful,” Dr. Levine said. “One day does not represent a trend, but this one day should give us pause and allow us to again reexamine the factors that go into higher case counts and reexamine our own recent behaviors.”

How you can help stop the spread

  • Do not get together or socialize with anyone you don’t live with.
  • Avoid traveling when possible, even within Vermont. Anyone who travels to or from Vermont must quarantine. The only exception is for essential travel.
  • Wear a mask and keep a 6-foot distance from anyone outside your household.
  • If you’re sick, stay home.
  • Not everyone with COVID-19 has a fever. Even mild symptoms (like a headache or dry cough) could be signs of COVID-19. Talk to your health care provider about getting tested and stay home while waiting for your result.
  • Also seek testing if you are a close contact of a case. If you gathered with others outside your household, quarantine and get tested right away, and on Day 7 or later.

The Vermont Department of Health website is an excellent resource for information about all aspects of COVID-19.

Be Smart. Stay Safe!