Covid-19 News 3-27

Peacham Emergency Management on facebook

The Peacham Emergency Management Team has created a new facebook page to better communicate with residents. Using a page (instead of a group) allows the Team to post under the Peacham Emergency Management name. We hope this will make it easier to recognize the Team’s posts and to reach out to them, if needed. The new page will address the current COVID-19 emergency and will remain in place for future emergency use.

If you are a facebook user, please like or follow the new Peacham VT Emergency Management page.

Vermont schools are dismissed

Follow this link to read the executive order that closes Vermont schools for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.

5 Responses

  1. Harry
    | Reply

    A lot of people are not on Facebook…and will never be because Facebook has been hacked (logins, passwords, etc.) almost annually since its creation. I know, I was in Information Security for over 20 years. That’s why I’m not on Facebook.

    • TMWD
      | Reply

      We understand not everyone is on facebook. This website is the primary source for emergency information. Posts are made here, then will be copied to facebook and Front Page Forum.

  2. Jerri Kohl
    | Reply

    Will all posts made to the FB page also appear on this site? After all, that’s the point of having your own website. Many folks, like myself, refuse to use FB. There are simple plugins and other tools that allow you to post to your website and FB at once.

    • TMWD
      | Reply

      This website is the primary source for Peacham emergency information. In order to reach as many people as possible, we also copy our posts to facebook and Front Page Forum.

  3. margaret maclean
    | Reply

    Thank you!

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