Emergency Food Service

Food delivery for the Peacham community

For those who cannot get to the grocery store and face food security issues because of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have put in place an EMERGENCY SERVICE for food to be delivered to your porch twice a month. Each grocery delivery will be CSA in nature, and a variety of farm fresh foods will be part of the package. We are limited to the foods farms have on hand right now and those foods that come prepackaged for optimal safety. By signing up for this program, you will have food insurance to keep yourself healthy and support a local farm network in our area.

The food totes will be delivered on every other Friday, starting April 3rd. The CSA package will include healthy, sustainable food and beverage items to support you for two weeks. If you want to partake in this service, the Town of Peacham will bill you approximately $30.00 for each delivery, which will include about 20 pounds of food. Each item will be wiped down with sanitizer, and placed in a sanitized tote that will be your dedicated tote for the duration of this service. You are strongly encouraged to wipe off the delivered foods with a sanitizer to further protect yourself.

The deadline to sign up for this first round of delivery is Friday, March 27th by 5 p.m.. Please call Wendy Mackenzie at 592-3111 or email her at wendy@everlastingherbfarm.com. Thank you to all those who are volunteering to get the food, sort it, and deliver it.

This service is to support people who cannot get to the grocery store and have a food-security issue. Please note that this is an emergency food service, not a shopping service.