Gov Scott Addresses the COVID Surge

Social gatherings are driving the spread

At his press conference on Tuesday, Gov Scott addressed some of the questions and concerns that followed last week’s new COVID restrictions. This includes new limits on social gatherings, closure of bars and clubs and suspension of recreational sports. You can read Addendum 8 here.

As Gov Scott explained:

“I understand it may seem counter-intuitive that restaurants remain open and yet you can’t have neighbors over for dinner. But the fact is, from October 1 to the time of Friday’s announcement, 71% of outbreaks were linked to social events, parties and people hanging out at a home or at bars and clubs. We’re just not seeing these types of outbreaks linked back to people dining at restaurants or working out at gyms. This tells us the protocols at these businesses are, for the most part, working.”

Gov Scott also noted that it is critical that people prioritize “need” over “want”:

“In my view, in-person education, protecting our healthcare system and keeping people working (as long as we can do it safely) are things we need. Parties and cookouts, hanging out with people just to socialize, may be fun, but these things are “wants” not “needs” and they put a lot of people at risk.”

Please rethink your holiday plans!

Multiple household social gatherings are suspended.

According to Addendum 8: Attendance at all public and private social, recreational and entertainment gatherings, indoor and outdoor, including large social gatherings incidental to ceremonies, holiday gatherings, parties and celebrations, shall be limited to participation with only members of a single household. For the sake of clarity, nothing in this Order prohibits the gathering of members living in the same residence. Individuals who live alone may gather with members of their immediate family residing in a different household.

We all understand how people “want” to gather with family and friends for the holidays. But it’s important to prioritize the “need” to remain apart in order to keep each other safe.