Holiday Gathering Restrictions Changed

Temporary modifications to multi-household gatherings

Today Gov Scott announced a temporary change to the restrictions on gatherings during the holidays. From December 23 to January 2, households may gather with one other trusted household. It should be kept in mind that anyone over the age of 65, those with pre-existing conditions and those who work with vulnerable populations should avoid gatherings.

“While we’re providing a narrow path to very small holiday gatherings, we’d rather you not do it at all,” said Gov Scott. “But we’ve improved our numbers in Vermont, all other prevention measures will remain in place, and we understand that mental health has to be considered alongside physical health.”

Health Commissioner Dr Mark Levine said if Vermonters do choose to gather with that single, trusted household, to stay safe by: keeping it small, wearing masks (and avoiding eating and drinking when you can), staying 6-feet apart, and taking it outside when possible. In addition:

Staying home and with people you live with is still the lowest risk.