Peacham COVID-19 Response
March 20, 2020

Peacham’s Official Emergency Incident Management System has been activated. 

Thank you for all you are doing to support your friends and family during the COVID-19 outbreak. The Emergency Management Team for COVID-19 has been activated. This team of Peacham volunteers is part of the Emergency Management System for the State of VT. The team was organized through the incident command system in response to a significant incident that requires community-supported assistance to provide key services to ensure a healthy response to endure the next few months based on what we know about the coronavirus. We know our amazing residents are helping each other and we’re here to help, too.


5 Responses

  1. Jock


    A few things:

    1] Who are the members of this team?

    2] Light gray text on white maybe elegant, but it darn hard to read. Please be mindful that we need all text in this emergency to be as easy to read as possible for ALL eyes – old, young, impaired, and with color vision anomalies (formerly “color blind”)

    3] Being 75 and at higher risk, I hope that the shopping service Mike Heath told me about is a real option. How can I find out?

    4] I hope the town will develop a trash pickup plan to minimize the number of people going to and from the transfer station.

    5] Please post any and all food security messages for us to read. How will folks unable to cook or shop get prepared meals or groceries? While this local to us, it also a state wide issue. Is it tru that food questions can be ask by dialing 211? If do, this number should be well publicized.

    6] For the record, until further notice, all Energy Committee meetings and Planning Commission meetings will only take place on line. Not sure which software tool will be used, but I will post here once we hav decided.

    Many thanks for all that you are doing. — Jock

  2. Dart Thalman

    Hi guys,

    I just filled out the survey. However, finding it took some effort until a friend told me where to go. I suggest making it more apparent on this page where to go. For example, perhaps a circle where it says “click here” above, or underline those words.

    Thanks a bunch for all you are doing! Happy to help from home base here.

  3. Patty Gardner

    Does anyone have any 1/4” or 3/8” elastic? I have plenty of new cotton cloth and would love to make some face masks to donate.

  4. Mary Daly

    I am available to volunteer for any job related to health and food programs. I was a registered nurse for 50 years and was taught Home Ec by my Mom who was a home economist. Yes, I am older than 60 years and am homebound but am having no symptoms and do not believe I have had any exposure. I even have masks I can wear.

  5. margaret maclean

    FYI Peacham folks Whites now has a great online order/pick up system.

    1. Go to Whites website
    2. Sign up with the Rosie app
    3. Place your order – basically you can order everything! Some things may not be available. Check the box for substitution if your ok with say a different kind of tomatoes from the ones you most want.
    4. Pick a pick up time
    5. Drive to St Hay and Park In the designated Rosie spot.
    6. Text your order number that you have arrived
    7. They come out and load your order into your trunk. They are using single use plastic as a precaution.
    8. Drive home
    9. Wipe down your order once home.

    We tried it and it worked well and we plan on doing a weekly shop this way.
    Go Whites! I was impressed.