Peacham Flood Damage Reporting Info & Well Water Testing

Did you have flood damage to your property?  Are you a farmer with an agricultural loss?  Reporting flood damage is essential.  No matter how big or small, please dial 211 or 802-652-4636 to report any flood damage to your personal home or property.  If you have damage to your well or septic, or farm crops please also use this number and additionally report it to the Peacham Town Office at 802-592-3218.  Reporting helps with FEMA registration and Federal funding. 

You can also report damage by visiting: .  (Reporting information online is the preferred method by the State.)

Please note that water may not be safe to use for drinking, cooking or cleaning after a flood. During and after flooding, private water systems (wells or springs) can become contaminated with microorganisms — such as bacteria, sewage, heating oil, agricultural or industrial waste, chemicals, and other substances that can cause serious illness. Community members should assume their water is contaminated if floodwater has reached their well or spring.  Free drinking water test kits are available in St. Johnsbury at 107 Eastern Avenue Monday-Friday 7:45-4:30 or call 802-748-6654 to order free drinking water test kits to find out if a well or spring was impacted by floodwater. We also have a very limited number of test kits at the Town Office. Thank you!