Transfer Station Update

Message from a Selectboard member

The dump appears to be getting more attention than usual, and Selectboard member, Beatrice Ring, apologizes for having closed it on July 4th. The result on July 11th was an over-flowing recycle shed which was most unfortunate.

But it is worth reminding our fellow-dump users that there are a few requirements which would make the shed more effective:

  • The new composting rules are in place and NO PLASTIC BAGS are allowed in the compost bins. Not even the ones claiming to be compostable.
  • Please separate tin from aluminum. A simple test at home with a magnet will tell you which is which. Tin attracts, aluminum does not.
  • All cardboard – boxes, cartons, must be flattened before putting them in the cardboard collection.
  • All glass objects (wine bottles, peanut butter jars, jam jars etc) must have the lids removed and be relatively cleaned (otherwise the entire batch is thrown out).

Free recycling is in jeopardy

We continue to have free recycling, but this is in jeopardy if we can’t follow the rules above. If it is just too much for you to meet these requirements, we recommend you go to St. Johnsbury where, for a fee, they will take your things.

And last, but not least, please don’t crowd into the recycle shed. Wait until it is less busy.

Please wear your masks!