Covid 19 Relief Fund – Second Round

Applications Being Solicited for Peacham Covid 19 Relief Fund

Applications are now being accepted for the second round of funding from the Peacham Covid-19 Relief Fund. For current Peacham residents who have been impacted by the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic, direct financial assistance is available. Funds can be used to help offset the effects economic distress due to the pandemic.

A simple one page application, plus supporting documentation, is all that is required. Applications are available here or on the table outside of the Town Clerks Office. Applications are due by July 15th. All grants will be reviewed by an Advisory Committee and decisions made by July 20th. All personal information will be redacted and grants will remain confidential.

Grants may be used to offset costs such as medical bills, utilities, rent, etc. Grants will be paid directly to the vendor.

For more information on the fund, please Contact Dave Edwards, in confidence, at 592-3402 or peacham