Summary of COVID-19 Data

Publications from the State of Vermont

The State of Vermont provides up-to-date information and statistics relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Vermont Department of Health’s Weekly Summary of Vermont COVID-19 Data presents a summary of COVID cases identified between March 5 and July 8.

Here is a sampling of the statistics presented:

  • The total number of COVID cases in Vermont is 1272.
  • The daily number of COVID cases in Vermont peaked on April 3.
  • Most counties have reached a plateau in the number of new cases.

The weekly summary presents a variety of COVID-related data, including case demographics, common symptoms, outbreaks and contract tracing.

This presentation on COVID Modeling from the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation offers the weekly data and forecast for July 3-10. It also outlines the reopening metrics that are considered as we restart Vermont, including an explanation of the warning flags that might indicate an increase in the spread of the virus. This presentation includes national and regional data as well as a look at our travel policy and how cases are trending in neighboring states.

All in all, this data shows that Vermonters are continuing to do their part to contain the spread of COVID-19.

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